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Travel Vaccinations

The surgery offers travel vaccinations which are provided under the NHS

These vaccinations are for:-

Diptheria/ Tetanus/ Polio


Hepatitis A


We can provide patients with a list of vaccinations which they have already had.

For travel to many countries other vaccinations are required or recommended.


We do not offer these vaccinations but travel clinics can advise what is required or recommended, depending on where you are going to.

Patients can contact 5 West Way, St James Business Centre, Linwood (0141 889 7656) or Penmans Pharmacy, 72 High Street, Johnstone.

Travel vaccinations may be offered at other locations.

A fee may be charged for travel vaccinations

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below

 Europe & Russia  North America
 Central America  South America
 Caribbean  Africa
 Middle East  Central Asia
 East Asia  Australasia and Pacific


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