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Influenza Vaccinations

Flu vaccines this year are being done differently as a result of Scottish Government and Health Board Directives.

We and other GP surgeries are only vaccinating patients aged between 18 and 64 years old (at 31 March 2021) and who have a chronic medical condition.  A chronic medical condition can include Diabetes, COPD, Heart Disease, Stroke/ TIA, certain asthmas and some other conditions. 

We are offering appointments to these patients – please check online for availability and booking.

If you are in the above age groups and are unsure if your condition entitles you to a flu vaccination please contact reception.

For patients aged 65 or above, pregnant patients and staff employed in caring roles, vaccinations will be arranged by the Health Board/ Renfrewshire Health and Social Care partnership.  You should receive a letter with details of location and time by 31st October.  If you have not received a letter by then, please phone  0141 201 4180.  If you need to reschedule the date/time of your flu appointment please call this number too.  Housebound patients should receive a housevisit for the vaccination – if you receive a letter please call 0141 201 4180.

Unpaid carers and those living with shielding patients should make an appointment with a participating pharmacy – these are detailed on NHS Inform website.

For parents of primary school age children the telephone number to call for advice is  0141 201 4190. 

For parents of children at risk aged 12 – 17 years the number to call is 0141 532 8768.





Regarding Covid-19 and the implications for your General Practice appointment:

The Scottish Government has now moved from a Covid19 “containment phase” to a “delay phase”. This means Quarryside Practice will be changing the way in which we assess and manage our patients. You will no longer be able to make a face-to-face appointment with a Doctor or Health Care provider. We will instead offer a telephone appointment in order to assess how best your medical problem can be managed.

If you already have a pre-existing appointment at the surgery, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IN PERSON. The practice will contact you by phone at the approximate time of your appointment to discuss how we can best meet your medical needs.

Quarryside Practice apologises for any inconvenience this may cause our patients. We have taken this step in the best interests of patient and staff safety, and in light of the developing Covid19 situation.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


Chronic Disease Recall

We are inviting patients for Chronic Disease Recall to make an appointment in the month of their birth.  We feel that it is easier to remember  than 12 months from the last appointment. We will be contacting patients in the month before their month of birth to invite them in.  We will be sending a text message to patients whose mobile phone numbers are held and who have given consent .  This saves paper and we ask if patients have not advised us of their mobile numbers and given consent that they do as soon as possible. Chronic disease review includes patients with Asthma; Chronic Heart Disease; Diabetes, COPD; Stroke or TIA, Hypertension etc.


We extend a welcome to Dr Emma McLachlan who joins us as FY2 and is looking forward to seeing patients and becoming part of the Quarryside Team for the next four months.   Prescriptions

We ask that patients allow 48 hours – two full working days – between requesting prescriptions and collecting them from the surgery.  If you collect your prescription from a pharmacy please allow more time as they may need time to collect and prepare your prescription.  

If you have ordered a prescription and have waited the two full days/48 hours it is not necessary for you to telephone us to ask if the prescription is ready.  Yuo should be able to collect the prescription from us. 

If you have arranged for the prescription to be collected by a pharmacy please be aware that they may need some extra time to collect and make up your medication – this is up the the pharmacy.

Welcoming New Patients

Quarryside Practice is open for new patients to register – please print off and hand in the registration forms on this website or collect from the reception desk. 







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